Review: Richfeel Skin Whitening Facial Kit, Richfeel Brahmi Hair Pack & Richfeel Calendula Soap

Hey my loveliessss….

I know i have been away for a while but now i am back and would promise to be as regular as i can be…

I assure you that you will definately have a post every week atleast…

So i have been travelling like crazy this month and of course that included a beach vaccation!!! And you all know that if its a beach vaccay….a tan comes with it….haha….so once i was back i had to take care of it ( ps: considerations of being a beauty blogger…hehe)

This was the best time to try out some awesomeness i was sent by the brand Richfeel who are pioneers in skin and haircare.

Richfeel was kind enough to send me some of their products to review and what better way to try them out than this!!!

So here i am with a review of the products and whether they worked for me or no…

PS: This is not a sponsored video and i am not paid to do this review and all the opinions are truly mine….

Now lets start….

About Richfeel:

Richfeel have been providing expertise in hair care, beauty, fitness and personal care for over 30 years now. With consistent growth and rapid expansion, Richfeel is acclaimed as a pan India company, spread across 25 cities.

The chain of Richfeel Trichology Centres – hair and scalp clinics, comprises of 79 centres in top metros and tier-1 cities. This includes a host of owned clinics and successful franchises. These centres treat all major and minor hair and scalp problems through patented treatments and tricho-active medicines. These medicines are patented tricho-active compounds, manufactured based on long and extensive researches by Richfeel.

At Richfeel, helping clients to maintain healthy hair is a passion. Based on the client’s requirement, we also offer hair transplant surgeries and non-surgical hair loss solutions. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and infrastructure based at Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh, it offers a wide range of effective personal care products – from food supplements, shampoos, creams, facial kits, cleansers, oils, lotions and much more.

Richfeel also has a significant presence in the beauty and wellness industry, with its very own Richfeel Spa, located at Peddar Road, Mumbai and also at the domestic airport. Our offerings include a wide range of unique and holistic body treatments, from scalp to toe!



This is  the first product that was sent to me and frankly i dont believe in skin whitening or britening products as i feel that every skintone is beautiful and we should be happy with our skin color.

But i really thought that this product would be good to take that tan off (if not whiten the skin) so i went ahead to try it.

Price: Rs. 1399/-

The Packaging:

The product comes packed in a cardboard box like seen in the picture below and mentions the name of the company and product.


The other side of the product mentions the price and other details.


Once you open the box you can find the contents in it and the directions for use are mentioned on the inside of the box.

There are 5 bottles having different products and its a 5 step process to acheive the glow you need.

Step 1: Cleansing

Step 2: Scrubbing

Step 3: Using a clear Gel to Moisturize

Step 4: Massaging the face with the Massage cream

Step 5: Applying the face mask

Once you are done with all the steps the facial is done and all you have is a well moisturized and glowing skin!!!

Collage 2017-06-18 11_44_55-01
BEFORE                                                                                                     AFTER

My experience:

I am not much of a facial person but this facial kit really helped my skin get back the lost moisture and get rid  of the holiday tan considerably. All all the product is really nice and worth a shot!


  • Affordable as compared to other facial products
  • Good amount of product in one kit and can be used more than once so you can do almost 3 faicials in Rs. 1399 which is a good deal
  • Makes the skin smooth and supple
  • Good packaging


  • Need to retain the box for the directions of use
  • Does not whiten the skin as claimed (which is ok though)


Yes yes yes….i definately would recommend it if you are looking for a facial kit which will rejuvinate your skin and make it soft and supple and also remove the tan!! Give it a try… will love it! 


I really had high hopes with this products because i suffer from frizzy hair and this looked like a savior for my full damaged hair.

Price: Rs. 599/-

The Packaging:

It comes packed in a plastic container as shown in the image below and has a seal to protect the content. You get 500gms of product for the price and i thibk its a very very good deal.

The benefits as stated by the company:

Richfeel Hair Pack enriched with the goodness of Brahmi is a special formulation for dry, brittle & damaged hair. Brahmi is excellent for nitriding, conditioning the hair & enhancing total hair health.

Directions for use:

After applying Richfeel Brahmi jaborandi hair oil (or any hair oil as per your choice), apply pack on the hair shaft section by section. Leave it on for 20 mins g then wash off with a shampoo or scalp cleanser. For best results use once a week.

The ingerdients are mentioned on the container which is a plus as we know what we are using.

My experience:

I applied the mask after oiling my hair as per the instructions and i must say this hair pack really made my hair touchably silky and smooth. I do have treated hair and it did work pretty well on my hair. I also have dandruff issues and repeated use of this mask has definitely reduced the appearance of it.

The texture of the hair pack is quite thick and this helps it to adhere to the scalp and hair very easily and nourish it


  • Makes the hair texture visibly smooth and soft
  • Thick consistency makes it easy to apply and nourish the hair
  • Sturdy packaging with safety seal


  • Once seal is opened the contents cannot be sealed and covered again but thats not a major issue.


Definately this one is my favourite of them all…i am definately going to repurchase this one!!! Go grab yours now…this one is worth every penny!


This Soap is meant for people with acne prone skin and i was really excited to try this one.

Price: Rs. 80/-


The soap comes packed in a cardboard box and again separately packed in a plastic packet. This is good as it makes it easy to carry without the cardboard box as well. The box has the ingredients, price and other details.

My experience:

I dont have an acne prone skin so i cannot say how it tastes for people with acne prone skin but i like the mild fragrance of it which is very nice and pleasant unlike the strong fragrances of other soaps. It does not leave the the skin dry after the use which is also a plus.


  • Good packaging
  • Mild fragrance
  • Does not leave the skin dry after use
  • Lasts for a good amount of time (Mine lasted for over a month)


  •  Cant think of any


This is a decent soap but for me it was just like another soap as i do not have an acne prone skin. People suffering feom acne can definately give it a try though. But otherwise this one can be skipped!

I hope this review helped you and i want to thank Richfeel Trichology for sending over these products for review and believing in my work.

Love you all!!!

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Review: NELF USA Collosal Lipliner

Heyyy loveliesss… are you doing?

So today i have a review for you. Just the other day i was at the beauty supply shop and i happened to see these “NELF USA Collosal Lipliners”at the counter.

As you all know that i am a biiiiiggggg l lipstick and lip product junkie i had to try them out and i simply loved them.

So i thought I’ll do a review to tell you about them because this brand is not that known and is a drugstore brand which needs special mention. 

I do own other products from this brand as well and u must tell you they are superrrrbbb…. Do without washing much time let’s get started!


NELF Cosmetics, named after the aspiration of women to look great in four leagues i.e. NAIL, EYE, LIPS & FACE, uniquely offers a permanent collection of every day basics and on-trend shades. Known for rich pigments and high payoff in products is what places NELF in its own panache and distinguishes the line as a leader in the colossal color cosmetics industry.

Our inspiration is today’s woman who believes in doing her own thing in her own terms and getting what she came here for. We at NELFusa™, by creating the wide range of make-up , just help them in doing so.

NELFusa™ aspires to create and share a line of cosmetics that provides quality products at approachable prices. Yes, that’s right, you can splurge without guilt. This has made NELFusa™ the fastest growing cosmetic company in INDIA. The ultramodern and stylish packaging fused with the huge selection of highly pigmented colors continues to catch the eyes of every striving beauty.


The colllosal lipliner comes in a sharpenable pencil form and had a variety of shades available. You get a net wt. of 1.1gms of product.

The packaging of the product is a simple matte black plastic pencil with a cap.

The pencil has a color coded to that indicated which color the lipliner is.

There are no shade names or numbers mentioned on the packaging.


I have them in a nice brown shade and a mauve color.

The swatches are as in the image above.

PRICE: INR 125/-


The texture of these lipliners is super smooth and creamy. The brown shade had my heart❤️ because when i wear it, i don’t feel that i am wearing a lipliner so i usually wear it all over my lips as a lipstick and it stays put all day.

The mauve pink color lipliner is a little dry compared to the brown one but nonetheless, it’s a beautiful color and better than other Lipliners.

These lines are smooth and matte.


They stay on the lips for a good 8 hours without smudging even after meals, which is a very big yay!!!!!


  1. Amazing color payoff
  2. Lasts really long
  3. Super creamy and glides easily on the lips
  4. Affordable


  1. Some colors are a little dry
  2. Not available easily


The mauve pink shade on my lips

The brown shade on my lips ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Yes yes yes!!!!! I would definately recommend this product to you. You can also visit their site online and order it. Though the packaging might have changed as i got it a while back, the product and quality will definately be the same.

So go grab your lipliner right now!!!

I’ll see you next time with another interesting post… Till then byeeee!!!!!

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DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Hey beautiful Women out there!!!

First of all wish you a very HAPPY WOMENS DAY!!!

So its been quite sometime that i was contemplating on writing my own blog and i thought what would be a better day than today to start it!!

I am a “Makeup Addict” as you can call me so this blog is all you can imagine about MAKEUP!

So enjoy my first blog and do let me know your suggestions and feedback.I alos have my youtube channel so do not forget to check it out after you are done with reading this post!

So here goes…..

Summer is finally here and the heat is going to rise even more as the days pass by.

Makeup lovers like me struggle a lot to keep their makeup in place in this grueling heat because the sweat makes it difficult for the makeup to stay on the face for long.

You don’t want your makeup to be all over the place and you need a makeup setting spray for a flawless make up look, so that your makeup does not budge in this scorching heat.

It also helps in melting down all the powder that you have applied on and gives your face a flawless look without making it look cakey or patchy.

Sadly, we don’t have very affordable makeup setting sprays in the Indian market and if you plan to invest in a good makeup setting spray then mind you…. They are pretty costly…

So here I have a DIY makeup setting spray, which you can easily make with affordable and easily available products that are available at home.

In fact you can go a step further and make two different setting sprays- one for dewy and the other for a matte look.

So let’s get started and see how we can make this simply awesome setting spray.

For the DIY Makeup Setting Spray you will need:

  • Glycerine– moisturizes the skin and helps the makeup to stay in place by giving it a sticky base
  • Rose water– acts as a toner and keeps your skin hydrated
  • Aloe vera gel-helps in smooth setting of makeup
  • Filtered Water

5)   Empty spray bottle








* Fill 1/3rd of the empty spray bottle with rose water

*Add 1/2 tbsp of glycerin

*Add 1 tbsp of Aloe vera gel

*Fill the remaining bottle with filtered water

*Shake it all up nicely so that all the ingredients get mixed thoroughly

And your makeup setting spray is DONE !!!


This setting spray is a great replacement for the MAC Fix Plus and works in the same way (without burning a hole in your pocket!!)

This setting spray has no chemicals or preservatives and is suitable for all skin types.



* Setting the makeup:Spray this liquid on your face maintaining some distance closing your eyes and let it dry on its own.

* Getting more pigment from your eyeshadow:Spray your eye makeup brush with this spray and then pick up your favorite glitter or shimmery eyeshadow. It will pick up more pigment and your eyeshadow will apply with its true color and not look sheer and patchy.

* Using with pigment or glitter to avoid fall outs and intensify the color.

* Use it as a refreshing face mist to hydrate and freshen up your face immediately.



If you want to make the setting spray more dewy then add filtered water and rose water in the ratio 1:4 and 1 tbsp of glycerine.

For a matte finish add filtered water and distilled water in 1:1 ratio and only ½ tbsp of glycerine.



Do not spray a lot of the product as will take a longer time to dry up.

If you are allergic to any of the products mentioned above, then do not try this as this makeup setting spray is to be used on your face.



So wasn’t this setting spray super quick and easy???

Will you try this DIY Makeup Setting Spray??


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Love you!!!


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